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Check out the latest Respectful Revolution update from the Sweep Out the Broom Workshop in October! Stacey, Matthew and Gerard did an amazing job as always. We are so lucky to have them on our team.

The Camp Fire Restoration Project presents:

“Sweep Out the Broom” – a workshop on Replacing Broom and Building Soil, Without Poisons.


We’ve all gotten lots of advice…
Pulling Broom by hand, or with a back-breaking “Weed Wrench”? (Nope.)
Using that frightening Brush Hog? (No way!)

Spraying Roundup?? (PLEASE don’t)
As local permaculture practitioner and educator Matthew Trumm says, “Sometimes, you have to make a choice – do I want to keep fighting nature? Or do I want to help that (ancient forest) system move forward?”

In response to growing pressure to remove invasive and flammable Scotch Broom (Spanish and French Broom as well) from their burned out properties around the Camp Fire burn scar, some residents have resorted to using herbicides – the last thing we need to be adding to this already traumatized ecosystem. Broom, when it is in bloom, is showy and beautiful, and has been a part of this area for as long as any of us can remember. But after a fire, it can become a real problem.

This past October, the Camp Fire Restoration Project offered a Covid-safe, hands-on workshop presented by our friend and founder, Matthew Trumm, focusing on how to diligently remove aggressive Broom plants the natural way.

Believe it or not, Scotch, Spanish and French Broom plants are present in our fire-scarred landscapes because they have a part to play. And we can actually utilize them to greatly improve soil conditions in our area. As Bill Mollison, the founder and “father” of permaculture has famously stated, “The problem IS the solution”. Watch and see the proof for yourself! We can keep doing the same thing over and over, year after year…OR we can mimic what nature does and handle Broom another way.

Hands-on labor IS required, but using the techniques presented here turns it from a yearly or bi-yearly grind, into more of a one- or two-time effort. Don’t believe us? We invite you to check out our latest educational video, produced by our partners at the Respectful Revolution Project, and let Matthew offer another option…you won’t only learn HOW to abate Broom on your property naturally and with less long-term effort, but you might also broaden your perspective on this invasive plant.

No spraying. No pulling. No problem!

Also, please check out this great video for action you can take during COVID-19. 

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