Ecosystem Restoration
Camp Paradise Spring 2019

Camp Fire Restoration Project’s first organized camp was in Spring 2019. Camping was held at Andrew and Caroline Hepworth’s Fractal Chicken Farm just outside of Oroville. For the main work day, nearly 100 people gathered at Pine Ridge Elementary School on April 27th, 2019 to install a permaculture demonstration site. The focus was a school herb garden; rehabilitation of soil and erosion control; construction of a tool shed and fence to protect an existing vegetable garden; destruction of harmful infrastructure such as redwood barriers that were bound with toxic chemicals; and restoration of wheelchair accessibility ramps. 

The best description of the event was documented in an article by Saskia Hatvany. Here is an excerpt about the birth of Camp Fire Restoration Project:

Last November, Trumm was evacuating Camp Fire victims when he suddenly recalled the words of his long-time inspiration John D. Liu, a leader of the ecosystem restoration movement and award-winning filmmaker.


“In this one talk John kept saying, ‘let’s gather around the campfire and restore paradise,’ Trumm said.


Trumm is a long-time fan of Liu, who is known for his documentary films such as Green Gold and Hope in a Changing Climate. Out of sheer coincidence the pair happened to meet in an online forum just a week prior to the Camp Fire.


As Chair of the Advisory Council for the Ecosystem Restoration Camp Foundation, Liu tours the globe to promote the restoration camp model and often refers to planet earth as a “paradise.”


Trumm was evacuating Oroville, when Liu’s words finally sunk in. ”It just hit me, he said, let’s gather around the campfire and restore Paradise.”


Awe-struck, Trumm immediately called Liu, and told him “It has to be here John, the first camp has to happen here in California.”


Liu replied “oh my god, yes this is it, I will support you 100 percent.”


Following the disaster, Trumm sprang into action and created the Camp Fire Restoration Project.

Pictured – Garden School Coordinator Mandy Kling, Principal Talin Tamzarian and Matthew Trumm, CFRP Founder. Photo Credit: April Mangino

For a weekend, campers came together to heal and bond around the camp fire. We brought hope and energy to the community, and formed lasting connections that have led us to continued efforts to regenerate our land together. It was truly a memorable experience of what a group of people can do when inspired by compassion and care for the Earth and community.

Mobile tool & material trailer ran by Leo Lauchere, Jared Wood and Lars. Photo Credit: Saskia Hatvany      

Prep-Crew Jesse Grimes and Matthew Smelser constructing outdoor dry-composting toilets Photo Credit: Matthew Trumm

Michael Davis brought a mobile water filtration station by Pure Water that hooks up to water sources. Photo Credit: April Mangino

Outdoor kitchen ran by mother and daughter duo Stacey and Cassidy Wear, residents of nearby town Chico. Photo Credit: Minea Bisset

Spring 2019 Camp Album