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On November 8, 2018, the town of Paradise, California was destroyed by a massive fire. Apparently started by power lines, killing over 80 people and destroying almost 14,000 homes, over 7500 structures, more than 100,000 acres, 50,000+ displaced, many out of a job, and countless lives destroyed, this was California’s most disastrous fire. Nearly the entire town of Paradise has been completely wiped out. The recovery process will take years, but the work has already started.

In these times of extreme darkness, its our chance to shine the light of hope. Every problem has a more creative solution and now is the time to act.

We need your help to establish "The Camp Fire Restoration Project"

OFFICIALLY ENDORSED BY John Dennis Liu, Penny Livingston, and Dr. Elaine Ingham!


Phase 1:

  • a. Create a Base Camp (Education and demonstration site to house and train local victims using sustainable and ecological solutions using Permaculture design to model, adopt, and spread throughout the fire damaged areas.

    Infrastructure (Shelters, Communal kitchen, Water, Waste, Earthworks)

    Help fund contractors, leaders and experts who will facilitate the project.

  • b. Restoration (STEP 1)

    Bio-remediation of toxic runoff materials (compost/fungi)

    -Water harvesting and penetrating earthworks (swales, silt traps, ponds/dams)

    Erosion control and planting soil stabilizing cover crops (wood chips, swaddles, compost, seeds)

    Re-purposing useful waste materials

In April 2019, we had our first Eco Restoration Camp, installing a garden at Pine Ridge Elementary School in Magalia.

In May, we produced the long-term Vision for CFRP and Camp Paradise.

Phase 2:

  • a. Expanding Base Camp at Sol Sanctuary.
  • b. Regeneration
    Continue Restoration work, organize, network and gather resources. Community gardens at local schools (Hearthstone School), demonstration sites such as Norton Buffalo Hall were established .


In October, we produced the second Eco Camp gathering, uniting with Sol Sanctuary, Restoring Paradise, Paradise Community Guild, and Permaculture Action Network.



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