NSPR Feature: Permaculture And Restoring Land After The Camp Fire


Matthew Trumm in his backyard demonstration site for Treetop Premaculture.


When we talk about life lost during the Camp Fire, we immediately think people and animals.

But when a fire reaches the extreme temperatures that the Camp Fire did in places, the living organic material in the earth itself ground burns as well. It effectively kills the soil and its ability to absorb moisture.

Today we journey with independent producer Matt Fidler who learned about rebuilding the soil that once gave life to vegetation that covered the area’s now charred landscape.

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“I think one of our greatest mistakes is seeing ourselves separate from nature and that nature is somewhere “out there.” Unfortunately, it is events like the Camp Fire that remind us this is not the case. It is time to fit ourselves back into nature appropriately.”  – Matthew Trumm, coordinator of the Camp Fire Restoration Project

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#phoenixrising from the ash #fromdarknesstolight

THIS PHOENIX in Paradise represents new beginnings after the Camp Fire.

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Honorable goals!

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Want to learn from a permaculture expert how to build a local food system?
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Volunteer Action Day at Pine Ridge Elementary School, Magalia, CA, April 27th, 2019

photo credit: Saskia Hatvany


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We're so excited to share with you the first published article about our Camp Fire Restoration Weekend and Action Day!
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That’s what we are doing!!

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Restoring Paradise: Permaculture Meets Disaster Response

“What he said over and over again was the idea that we need to gather around the campfire and restore paradise,” Matthew Trumm recalls. “And it was like chills went all over my body.”

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As permaculture educator and community organizer Matthew Trumm was evacuating from the raging Camp Fire in Northern California last November, his mind turned to a video he’d seen recently with ...

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Show me what Eco-System Restoration looks like!
Smiling faces all painted with a campfire’s glow.
Native plant gardens at Pine Ridge School.
A Black Oak tree five inches tall.
Compost toilet and ... See more

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We've got a good crew of 20+ people joining in community to prepare the tools, materials and the work at the School, set up the ... See more

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