A video message from Matthew Trumm with exciting news and Summer How To Restoration tips for you and the land

I’m here in the food forest in my backyard today to share exciting news and information with you about our project. Thank you all for your continued partnership in this great work of our time. Watch my video message here.

Announcing the Camp Fire Restoration Project & Camp Paradise Vision! Read our accomplishments, the plan moving forward and see the latest Press on our Spring Camp Weekend. The Vision document is attached to this email.

Explore our 2019 Summer Restoration & Resource Guide offering a seasonal approach to what you can do now to restore your land. The guide is attached to this email, and soon available on our Resources page on our website.

Use our Community Calendar to post events and stay connected to ecosystem restoration activities in Butte County.

We are now in the first phase of implementing this grand vision of creating a bio-regional hub and model for community-based habitat restoration. With your support, we can make this happen. Your donations and partnership give more people opportunities to be trained in ecosystem restoration and create new permaculture demonstration sites to heal and restore the land and lives affected by California’s deadliest wildfire.


Our collective action will create a sustainable and regenerative model with new systems for disaster response, resilient communities, and landscape restoration that inspire a culture shift.

What is the goal?

  • To restore land in the areas affected by the devastating fire, create healthy ecosystems with sustainable local food sources, build fire safe homes and buildings, create green jobs, and teach local communities about ecosystem restoration.


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NSPR Feature: Permaculture And Restoring Land After The Camp Fire


Matthew Trumm in his backyard demonstration site for Treetop Premaculture.


When we talk about life lost during the Camp Fire, we immediately think people and animals.

But when a fire reaches the extreme temperatures that the Camp Fire did in places, the living organic material in the earth itself ground burns as well. It effectively kills the soil and its ability to absorb moisture.

Today we journey with independent producer Matt Fidler who learned about rebuilding the soil that once gave life to vegetation that covered the area’s now charred landscape.

Call to Action Video

“I think one of our greatest mistakes is seeing ourselves separate from nature and that nature is somewhere “out there.” Unfortunately, it is events like the Camp Fire that remind us this is not the case. It is time to fit ourselves back into nature appropriately.”  – Matthew Trumm, coordinator of the Camp Fire Restoration Project

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