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Our Fall Camp 2019 was a huge success joining together with Regenerating Paradise for the Paradise Revival Festival, then Permaculture Action Network and Rising Appalachia for our Action Day at Norton Buffalo Hall. Sol Sanctuary joined us as our base camp and fiscal sponsor.


We are now in the first phase of implementing this grand vision of creating a bio-regional hub and model for community-based habitat restoration. With your support, we can make this happen. Your donations and partnership give more people opportunities to be trained in ecosystem restoration and create new permaculture demonstration sites to heal and restore the land and lives affected by California’s deadliest wildfire.


Our collective action will create a sustainable and regenerative model with new systems for disaster response, resilient communities, and landscape restoration that inspire a culture shift.

What is the goal?

  • To restore land in the areas affected by the devastating fire, create healthy ecosystems with sustainable local food sources, build fire safe homes and buildings, create green jobs, and teach local communities about ecosystem restoration.


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Paradise Revival Festival


This year the Paradise Revival Festival went Online through Zoom meetings to gather, heal and support the community. Heartfelt connections were made, songs were sang, and joy was culitvated.

Paradise Revival Festival website:

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“The Paradise Revival Festival celebrates the resiliency of our community. It is an opportunity to heal together through music, art, workshops, and self expression. Part music festival, part talent show, part community-day-of-action; we hope this festival will remind us who we are as a community.”