Ecosystem Restoration
Camp Paradise 2020
Workshops and Action Days

2020 has been a year of challenges and changes. In response to this, Camp Fire Restoration Project has taken our Eco Camps to online Education and Workshops to build a resource for regeneration. While we love gathering together physically in large groups, we are concerned for all our health and wellbeing. Nourishing our ecosystems is the key to our futures together. This includes the human element. There is still so much work to be done. We are here, offering these resources, our time and energy to our community as we continue to rebuild together.

Oak and Native Tree Giveaway

Oak and Native Tree Giveaway Camp Fire Restoration Project and Butte County RCD invited Butte County fire survivors to commemorate the 2nd anniversary of the Camp Fire, by planting native trees to restore and heal our land post-fire. Over the course of three days (Nov. 7th, 8th and 9th) we gave...

Sweep Out the Broom and Small Garden Workshop

Due to the COVID restrictions of 2020, we have been focusing our Camps on Workshops for education and support in regeneration of the ecosystems here in Butte County. It is our hope that the information and education is applicable as a model for regeneration after disasters such as the Camp Fire...

2020 Camp Events Local Tree Watering

CFRP Action Days for 2020 has included watering Blue Oak trees planted in Concow and Paradise. They were planted in the Spring, so a little help in establishing was necessary. What a joy to water the seedlings and see the new growth! Gratitude for the generous donation of 400 Blue Oaks from Butte...

Paradise Revival Festival


This year the Paradise Revival Festival went Online through Zoom meetings to gather, heal and support the community. Heartfelt connections were made, songs were sang, and joy was culitvated. 

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“The Paradise Revival Festival celebrates the resiliency of our community. It is an opportunity to heal together through music, art, workshops, and self expression. Part music festival, part talent show, part community-day-of-action; we hope this festival will remind us who we are as a community.”