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How can we create a new system that functions to meet all of the needs of both humanity and nature and prepare and respond to disaster and climate change during this time?

Community members around Butte County are part of our Resilient Hubs initiative that is turning neighborhoods and properties into new sites for ecological restoration and sustainable design.

The Resource Network

Do you see yourself as part of this vision? The Community Resource Network is where all the offerings from the community for these projects come together to better organize and mobilize these efforts. We are calling on experts, volunteers, land owners, residents, businesses, everyone who has something to offer towards this vision of a new, ecologically friendly place to live and work to join our Resource Network.

If you have any materials, services, businesses, or education that offers part of this web of rebuilding, join the Network by signing up for our Directory. Volunteers as eco campers and hands on help are also welcome!

Let’s co-create this vision!

The Resource Hub Model

The Resource Hub Model is one of community gathering to co-create sustainable ecosystems and neighborhoods as we rebuild from the devastation of the Camp Fire and beyond into the future of community. A Hub is a physical location. It is a public education and demonstration site for regenerative models. It is a tangible experience we can engage in with all 5 senses. This includes Permaculture design, sustainable farming and care of the land and buildings that are eco friendly as well as resilient to climate realities we face today. We strive to be an example and resource to the community demonstrating alternative and sustainable clean water, energy, food, waste management, and social systems. Sustainable living also includes healthy community thus healing and social networking is interwoven within this design. Our vision is to create a network of living examples for the community to connect, come together, learn, grow and rebuild together in all aspects of our lives here.

How to Get Started:

1. Sign up – fill out our contact form of what kind of services, materials or business you are and what you offer

2. We add you to our Map, Directory and you can create a public profile on our collaborators website Pro Planet People

3. Market your gatherings and events on our calendar

4. Watch our How To Be a Hub video and educational videos/resources to learn more about what you can do

5. We support people by linking them up with restoration materials, experts for consultation, training and tools, marketing, outreach to volunteers and camp action days.

Do you see yourself as part of this vision? Are you looking for a Network of like minded people actively co-creating a healthier community locally and thus a healthier planet? We are looking for you, too!

Join our network! Sign up here. We will add you to our Directory.

You can also create a public profile through Pro Planet People that will be linked within our Directory.

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    Are you already creating regenerative solutions and want to share what you’re doing? This can be on your property, your business, regenerative material resource, demonstration site, or a service. Any tangible resource can be a Hub.

    Be a Hub and join the core portion of our Network. Sign up here. We will add you to our Directory as well as offering a badge system that organizes and connects people to the resources they need.

    You can also create a public profile through Pro Planet People that will be linked within our Directory.

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      Are you interested in getting restoration work on your property or at your business? Please complete this intake form to learn more about your needs and services.

      You can also get a consultation from one of our referred experts in our network.

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